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Lifestyle – Begin Training NOW !
What kind of support is there for helping me after graduation? 2016-09-23T12:37:46+00:00

The School of Natural Cookery does not offer a formal placement service. However, we often receive requests for Chefs and provided information about other great opportunities. If you are interested in hearing about them, you will know about the opportunities. We also try to match graduates with opportunities. Instructors will have continuous support.

What if I am already a doctor, nutritionist, life coach? 2017-06-12T12:16:06+00:00

We have a special plan for you. It is premised on your goal to support your clients and how best to gain the information we provide for yourself first, and the options you have to support your patients and clients. Call us: 303-444-8068

How long does it take to go through the instructor training? 2016-09-23T12:36:33+00:00

We need you for about three – five days in the studio and then we begin online classes to support your business plan. It doesn’t end until you have accomplished several tasks. Participate in online classroom observation and participation along with practice teaching in your community.

What do I get if I’m an SNC instructor? 2016-09-23T12:36:01+00:00

OH Boy ! what a great question. Basically, everything. You get to stand on the shoulders of 40 years of work/development and bring natural cooking into your community with a very profound method.

  • Full time access for as long as we have our business.
  • Business planning for the kind of instructing you want to do.
  • Possibility of becoming an online instructor for us, or yourself.
  • Support for as long as you need it, and as long as we can provide it.
Can I be an instructor if I don’t teach the SNC method? 2016-09-23T12:34:49+00:00

Yes. We do ask that if you want to share the uniqueness of our method that you join us as a certified instructor.

Can I add the Private Chef or Instructor’s License after I complete the Foundation Certificate? 2016-09-23T12:34:16+00:00

We have to know your intention before you come to the first studio workshop. So if you want to add these please contact us before the end of the fourth month of the Foundation.

Not Clear what your goals are? Would like help to decide which program to enter? 2016-09-23T12:33:36+00:00
  • Contact us and setup a time to talk.
  • Begin with the Lifestyle Core Essentials to test the learning process. Make sure you get an orientation and attend a few web meeting classes to get the full impact of what the training has to offer. Your tuition for this course will go towards a certificate program within 6 months when you enroll into a career program within 12 months of starting the lifestyle Core Essentials course.
  • Take the Private Chef Certificate to accomplish enough to be called a Natural Chef and begin your business as a private chef. When this is your goal, sign up for it at the beginning. It will help us be better mentors for you.
  • If you know you have the heart of a teacher and would like to share our powerful training with others, you can enroll from the beginning. If something happens that you see this is not what you want to teach, we will adjust your tuition payment.
  • If you want to be both an instructor and a Private Chef….. a very compatible career package….. then sign up for both of them together.
How many hours of actual cooking are the workshops? 2016-09-23T12:28:43+00:00

Each student has their own cooking station. There are only up to six students cooking at one time. Each day will be from 9 am – 4 pm.

Is lodging included in the Studio Workshop sessions? 2016-09-23T12:28:03+00:00

The Foundation Certificate and Private Chef Certificate workshops do not include prices for lodging.

Where are the studio’s located? 2016-09-23T12:27:17+00:00

Our primary studio is in Boulder, Colorado. Our secondary studio is near Ashland, Oregon. Once a year we try to have a studio session in Portugal.

Will I need to travel to a studio for the Foundation? 2016-09-23T12:26:38+00:00

Yes. The cost of the Foundation Certificate includes the studio workshop tuition. There are two studio week requirements. One at the fifth or six month mark and one at completion.

I have a job! Can I still be successful in taking the Career Training? 2016-09-23T12:25:50+00:00

A minimum of 15 hours depending on the students ability to integrate the information. Often people are misled in thinking that an online training is more lenient than a show-up in a classroom format. While it is true, the study hours are flexible to fit into anyone’s schedule who is busy with work and family, and the cooking assignments can be used for your meals, it is a university level commitment to submitting homework on-time and commitment to attending the weekly web meeting time.

How many hours a week will I need to accomplish the Career Training? 2016-09-23T12:25:04+00:00

A minimum of 15 hours depending on the students ability to integrate the information. Often people are misled in thinking that an online training is more lenient than a show-up in a classroom format. While it is true, the study hours are flexible to fit into anyone’s schedule who is busy with work and family, and the cooking assignments can be used for your meals, it is a university level commitment to submitting homework on-time and commitment to attending the weekly web meeting time.

Can I take the Foundation Certificate if my goals are to be a good cook for the health of myself and family? 2017-06-12T12:16:06+00:00

Many students like to earn the credentials from the School of Natural Cookery even if they have no clear professional goals upon entering the training. The advantage to this Certificate is the accountability a student has with instructors for submitting homework in a timely fashion.

What are my career options if I only enroll in the Foundation Certificate? 2017-06-12T12:16:06+00:00

The Foundation is the cooking aspect of our professional training. It should not only expand your current cooking flair, but drive a mastery of ingredients and your artistry into developing flavor, taste, and textures of all kinds of savory and dessert dishes. These fundamentals strengthen any career in food product development, writing – blogs and books.

Where do I start the training? 2017-06-12T12:16:06+00:00

Start the Natural Cook Training with Lifestyle – Course 101 Core Essentials IF :

  • You want to see if the School of Natural Cookery training is the right culinary training for you.
  • You want to start the Private Chef training “right now!” and our next start date is more than 2 months in the future. (all this tuition will roll over from the Lifestyle training to the Career programs, within 12 months of initiating the training.
  • You want to take your time to digest individual course material at your own speed, without being assigned an instructor, and without having to submit assignments for grading.

Start the Natural Cook Training with Career – Options IF:

  • You have one year to focus, without moving your home study kitchen, and you want to earn your private chef certificate for the completed course.
  • You have a strong interest in teaching others so that they have a method for understanding healthy cooking. Sign up for the  Natural Cook Instructors – License or combine it with the Private Chef – Certificate by signing up for both.
  • Your goals are to have a foundation certificate in natural cookery – a complete credentialed training of the fundamentals. You have time to participate fully to receive credit. From here you may be inspired to create a food product to bring to market. Or you might start or continue your food blog or book.  There are many possibilities.
Are there any discounts offered on the Career training? 2016-09-23T12:16:01+00:00

A $1,000 discount is available for students that purchase the training with a single payment.

Are there any discounts offered on the Lifestyle training? 2016-10-01T21:26:44+00:00

A $100 discount is available for students that purchase the core course works package or $350 discount when purchasing the complete plant-based lifestyle training with a single payment.

How much does it cost? 2016-10-01T21:43:20+00:00
What if I have technical problems? 2016-09-23T12:08:50+00:00

If you have technical issues, please send a detailed message to support@naturalcookery.com. The support team will review your issue in get back to you within 24 hours. For urgent issues connecting to one of the web meetings, please notify the instructor facilitating the class. The instructor will do some basic troubleshooting of the issue and contact the support team directly if help is required.

There is additional technical information located in the Preparing for the Course e-book located in the online classroom.

How do I know how to get to a web meeting? 2016-09-23T12:10:11+00:00

There are two ways:

  • On the home page of the online classroom, there is calendar with a link for each web meeting option. You can plan ahead or just jump in.
  • At the beginning of the week, our administrator send you an email with links to available web meetings.
Can I take the online classes anytime? 2016-09-23T12:04:34+00:00

Yes! The classroom is open for you online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
The web meetings are live, scheduled five days a week, in a variety of times.

What happens after the 24 months if I have to take a break in the training? 2016-09-23T12:03:24+00:00

You will be invited to purchase a monthly membership to continue all access and web meetings. $26.90/mo.

Can I take one course topic at a time? How long do I have access to the instructors and classroom? 2016-09-23T12:02:20+00:00

Yes. Everyone starts with course 101 – Core Essentials and you can add multiple courses as you choose them.  Each and all courses give 12 months access to all web meetings and the online classroom.

Is there a certificate ? 2016-09-23T12:00:18+00:00

If you are looking for a certificate, you will be in the Career training. All career training courses will provide a certificate upon successful completion.

Do you have a sample of the videos? 2016-09-23T12:00:52+00:00

Our videos are directed toward the focus of a subject matter, usually a cooking method. They are divided into short segments. Each segment builds on the one before which allows easy navigation with a subject. They are both of close up views and instructor presentation. When you schedule a tour with us we can share the videos.

How is the Lifestyle material different from the Career training material? 2016-09-23T11:58:04+00:00

It is the same course material.

  • Life style training students are not obligated to complete any assignments nor need to submit them for grading.
  • Lifestyle students have access to instructors during open Q & A web meetings, but Career training students are assigned to an instructor and weekly commitment for web meetings.