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Project Description

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Improvising Vegan Desserts

Overview –  Purchase as a stand alone – or – it comes with the Core Complete

As a stand alone purchase, the topics included are Intuitive Cooking, Energetic Nutrition, and Visual Rhythm – knife skills.

Workshops to integrate the online pastry course are available in Oakland, California.

This course is about improvising desserts. It is a place to begin working with alternative ingredients without following a recipes.  We study of ingredient categories of healthy, as whole as possible, desserts.  Students learn how to mix, select, and evaluate a process of invention –  improvising desserts. No recipe, but lots of ratios and technical guidance, all based on you intimately knowing your ingredients.

The information in the first part of our curriculum prepares student for improvisation and invention of gluten free desserts. Whole sugars, whole fats, and a myriad of  binders easily come together to accomplish basic dessert forms – cookies/ bars/pie crust, cakes/muffins, custards/frostings and fruit desserts.

Detailed Description

One day I was preparing dessert because my first husband and I were going to a couples pot-luck. Ambitiously, I volunteered to make a lemon meringue pie. Never having made one before, I thought I should follow a recipe. At that time there weren’t any recipes without white sugar, so I substituted honey. Big mistake. Not the honey, but following a recipe!

When I tasted it in process, it was over the top too sweet and too sour. Our natural food palate wasn’t use to such drama. But our relationship was. Needless to say, this was the last time I followed a recipe, for anything. I made a commitment at that time to trust my knowledge of ingredients and cooking methods for desserts, the way I did with savory ingredients. I would learn to improvise my desserts, all forms – cakes, cookies, pies, cakes, custards, pancakes, muffins… everything.

That was at least twenty years after I started baking and cooking. It took me that long and a dramatic episode to break me. Without a recipe, before The Language of Intuitive Cooking, I winged it. I called my desserts Friday night desserts, because in my youth, Friday night was movie night and I wanted to  get the ingredients into the oven as quickly as possible. My theory: if you have sweetener, fat, and flavor all bound up into a form, it has to taste good.  If the form goes flat, I would call the cake a cookie; if the custard is too thin, I would use it as  a dessert sauce. Now I can share with you, how to  masters the creative process AND the forms. 

The information in this class is foundational for studying desserts and pastry.  Learn how and when to use ratios and where to use our theory of “to fit” to control textures, crumb, and deeply flavored healthy treats.

Improvisational Vegan Desserts top off  The Natural Cook Training with a very sweet finish. 

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