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Course 101 – Core Essentials

This is a good place to begin if you are new to natural foods. It sets the tone for the entire Natural Cook Training. We start by explaining the basics of how to use ingredients creatively.  Developing good technique, knife skills, and understanding simple cooking methods is recommended before going into more complex, advanced methods in #102.  Energetic nutrition is taught throughout the course material, but here you begin to think in terms of what those principles are.



Course 101 – Core Essentials

Begin to understand plant based dishes and the infinite possibility on how to create dishes.

Learn how to use parts of yourself to invent satisfying dishes.

  • You will be trained to think the way chefs, cooks, and all people who put dishes together without a recipe
  •  Learn 19 cooking methods to study  Amazing GrainsEarth Angels, and how to Romance The Bean
  • Master texture, color, and taste
  • Practice 38  dishes to go integrate the cooking methods and develop creativity
  • Study 4 styles of single binder sauces integral to all dishes and the foundation for complex sauces
  • 6 months access to all materials


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