102 Core Expanded

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102 – Core Expanded

The cooking methods in this course will embellish any aspiring cook to have infinite possibilities with plant-based ingredients.  It provides the remaining details on how to cook all potential dishes.  Isolate technique and balancing flavors, tastes, and substances in more sauces, more classic Asian techniques and especially indulge in the romance of creating the form we call Vegetable/bean path, an extraordinary  complexity of flavor and smoothness.



102 – Core Expanded

More complex techniques for Amazing Grains, Earth Angels, and that Romantic Bean

  • 26 new cooking methods.
  • Practical exercises guide you to create 57 dish designs
  • 5 additional styles hot and cold style sauces, each style produces hundreds of recipe sketches.
  • 26 methods including: tempura, braising, stir-frying and brine pickles
  • Learn a signature method from SNC called vegetable / bean paté
  • Begin studying the art of meal composition, creating both simple and complex, balanced, meals.


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