103 Soups, Complex Sauces


103 – Soups, Complex Sauces

Soups and Sauces from the plant perspective are related to each other through understanding their “binders”.  In addition to learning technical finesse of five styles of soup, this section grows  your expertise and skills in inventing mixed binder sauces.  Multiple exercises will give you guidance to understand the infinite possibilities for stretching expensive ingredients and using your artistry to balance flavors.



103 – Soups, Complex Sauces

The material in this course embellishes the core training and calls upon your artistry and understanding.

  • You will study five styles of hot soups.
  • How to create vegan soups with deep flavor with or without a stock
  • Three styles of stock help organize a simple way to know what is essential and what is not.
  • Advance sauce making by combining simple binders we study in 101 and 102
  • Test your understanding, strengthen, courage and creativity.
  • 9 presentations + 19 practice exercises
  • Continue the  art of creating simple, balanced meals by adding soups to the compositions.


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