303 Natural Bread

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At SNC we distinguish between Bread Grains and Dish-Grains.  This is a course about whole grains that are grown without a hull.  We call them Bread Grains because they require milling into meal or flour to make bread.  Gluten free bread it is not.  We suggest people who don’t eat gluten eat whole Dish – Grains.  They are amazing in main dishes, and they are energetically whole.  The Core Coursework will give you that training.


303 – Natural Bread

This course covers the spectrum of four styles of dough that give a strong foundation to all kinds of bread. We are not demonstrating gluten free bread. The non-gluten grains are studied in 101-102 where meals are designed with whole, non gluten, dish grain. In this bread – grain course we demonstrate with wheat, barley, kamut, rye, and oats.


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