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 Studio Workshops

These studio workshops provide a lovely, intensive, personal growth study, in our kitchens.  Students in the Lifestyle training will select a workshop on this page.  Career training students who enroll in 2017 and after will have 2 Language of Cooking workshops included in their tuition.

For intensive, hands-on, Pastry workshops, study  Vegan Baking with Mike.   His Oakland, California curriculum, is available co-ordinated with or without SNC’s online Foundation Certificate or Lifestyle only pastry course.

Boulder, Colorado

5  Day Workshop   Monday – Friday

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Boulder Food Lab

Boulder Food Lab

For much of my life I have carried an extra 25 pounds on my body. When I hit menopause it got worse and my ability to fend off weight gain with good exercise and limited eating became even more difficult. Over the last 5 years, I had come to believe that I could no longer eat grains, bread, potatoes, rice, sugar, and many other foods.

I have been reading the Energetics book recommended in the course and I have been listening to my body, rather than being resentful and restrictive of what I eat. I no longer feel that I have to eat a cold lettuce salad every day for lunch in order to maintain good weight.”

Ann Marie, New Mexico
“I absolutely loved the Intuitive Cooking class. Laura did an excellent job explaining every concept and included delicious demonstrations showing us clearly how to apply this “new” way of preparing food. Each class was well thought out and well presented.

It has entirely changed how I cook, even how I think about food. I can even bake at 7,000 feet, something which has eluded me for years!

Ellen Mesaros, Colorado
Just wanted to thank you for creating such a beautiful course and to let you know that I am really enjoying my education so far. The videos are great, and combined with the textbook, provide for an effective learning tool for me.
Alison Reinders, California
I have just entered my first dish sketch. Although I’m pretty sure I am fumbling with noting things in the right area, I was excited with the novelty of this first try; 20 years of cooking, and this was the most original-and-still-edible on-the-spot recipe I’ve ever cooked.
Kirya Korrigan, British Columbia