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First, I just wanted to say, THANK YOU again and again. My life is healthier, happier, energized, and already 9.5 lbs lighter since encountering you, Maihaa and your School of Natural Cookery. I am cooking way more than I used to!!! I can’t believe the taste, quality, and possibilities of the dishes I could prepare.
Dr. Safia Rubai, Colorado
I have enjoyed every minute of this training and know without a doubt, that your teaching methods are totally effective. I have learned so much from going through these lessons. This system of cooking is genius and your book and workbook are both beautiful and helpful. You’ve really changed my relationship with food and diet. No small accomplishment for such a routine person like me.
Peg Williams, Oregon
I have gained so much information through taking this class that it makes cooking much more enjoyable when I make a meal. This is information that I will have and use for the rest of my life, which makes it invaluable to me!”
Janine Frazee, Colorado
In 2001 an associate at Evergreen Hospital, a Clinical Dietician recommended this program. She said it changed her cooking and eating habits. I now have an understanding of the healing power the earth has to offer. I felt the curriculum was challenging and thorough.”
Mary M. Diederichs, Washington